That is me, A. I am a French girl who lives in London. I decide to come in this city because I want to improve my English and live happily ever after in this country. 

I love reading books its type does not matter; I just want to escape from this world for a moment. Reading developed the imagination and our language skills but also it is my favourite cure against the stress, that I have some problems to manage.

After reading a book, I like to give my opinion about it, so that is why I decided to create this blog, to share my opinion with other bookworm and maybe give some books ideas. Like you can see it is in English even if it is not my native language but I want to try and if I make any mistakes do not hesitate to tell me. 

I do not decide to give me a deadline for reading a book and writing my opinion because it will quickly become a burden and not a pleasure and I want to go on this pleasurable way. Furthermore, I am going to review only the first book of a series. I will write the number of books in the description. In the menu; it will appear in the tag Series and the number of books.

If you want to know where I am in a series and what I am thinking about a book you can check my Goodreads page.

I hope that the blog will please you, if you want to tell me something do not hesitate to leave a comment 🙂