Women & Power: A Manifesto, M. Beard (ed. Profile Books)


Women & Power: A Manifesto, M. Beard (ed. Profile Books)

Number of pages: 128

Price: £7.99

Release date: November 2017

Tags: Essay – Women – Power – Non fiction – History – Politics

Rating: 5/5


With wry wit, Britain’s best-known classicist Mary Beard revisits the gender agenda and shows how history has treated powerful women. Her examples range from the classical world to the modern day, exploring the cultural underpinnings of misogyny, considering the public voice of women, our cultural assumptions about women’s relationship with power, and how few powerful women resist being packaged into a male template.

With personal reflections on her own experiences of the sexism and gendered aggression she has endured online, Mary asks: if women aren’t perceived to be within the structures of power, isn’t it power that we need redefine?


“You can’t easily fit women into a structure that is already coded as male; you have to change the structure.”

This manifesto can be seen as a complement of the previous one I read last year (We Should All Be Feminists). 

The way this book is cut up is a great way to explain what the author wants to say and it is like this two parts are responding to each one. 

We have many examples from the past but also from the present through writings (you will not see your classic the same way as before), drawings, facts. These cases explain well our behaviour in our western society. The most shocking thing is when the author starts to analyse the changes which are operated by some women in politics to be a part of this world.

The author does not give solutions because nobody is all-knowing, but she makes us think about it. That is why the questions, at the end of the book, are essential. In the end, it is not only the statement and history of women in politics but also the one of our western society. 

Conclusion: a great book that needs to be read.



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