Songe à la Douceur, C. Beauvais (ed. Sarbacane)


Songe à la Douceur, C. Beauvais (ed. Sarbacane)

Cover: Paper

Language: French

Pages: 240

Price: £13.33

Release date: August 2016

Tags: Love – Poetry – Romance – Calligram – Rewriting – Adaptation from a book

Rating: 4/5


When Tatiana meet Eugène, she is 14; he is 17; it is summer time, and there is nothing to do except talk to him. He is confident, charming and full of boredom, and she is shy, idealistic and a romantic. Inevitably, she fell in love, and him, it is the same. So she writes him a letter; he rejects her, for bad reasons maybe. Moreover, a drama separates them for good. Ten years later, they meet again by accident. Tatiana is more confident and mature; Eugène perceives, nowadays, he cannot live without her. However, does she want him back?


This book is an exception in my TBR, I read this book last year, and I loved it. It is an exception as this book is not published in English yet. I hope that it will be issued because it is an excellent book that deserves to be known. Moreover, this blog is also here to discover new books even if they are not in our native language. 

I found out about this book when I was at a French book fair at Montreuil (near Paris). I found original the way it was written by the author. Poetry is not a genre used by the young adult writers. It was a stunning book and story and deserve to be published in English.

As I wrote before, this genre is not common nowadays, so at the beginning, it was not as easy to read like a novel and a little disturbing. Also, we have an omniscient viewpoint which annoys a bit especially that we take time to dive in the book. The book is not thick, but I thought that there would be a lot more chapters, but there are only eight. Nevertheless, they are long it takes approximatively an hour to read them although you do not want to finish them. The language can sometimes be a little rude; it is used by the omniscient narrator.

The author based her story on Eugène Onéguine and write a modern book. We have a vision of love which varies according to the protagonists and also to the era of their life. We understand that Love is the feeling the most complex that exists. This book talks about different feelings which have a link with love, like regrets, melancholia and sometimes passive anger. Everyone has already felt these feelings so that why this book ring in you.

The characters are completely different from each other, and the area of the meetings does not change anything. We have like an exchange of personality between the two characters during their second meeting. Sometimes you do not understand why they are attracted. 

Conclusion: A book not easy to read at the beginning but become the pleasure of the day.



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