Harry Potter Studio, Watford Junction


Hey lit-reporters,


Today is my last day in London until next year, and I’m sad to go back home. I was thinking about what I have done during six months, and I had realised that I did not post about Harry Potter Studio which was one of my best memories. I went alone, but when you are a Potterhead, it does not mean anything to be alone or not.

It is not the first time that I go there, but it was as magical as two years ago. I think it is funny that even if you see the backstage of Harry Potter’s films it does not change anything, you are a child at Christmas time. I think it is because you have nostalgia due to the books and the movies, they maintain that at the beginnin
g of the tour with interviews, photos, and documentary clip. Moreover, everything is immense, and you remember in which film it appears, and sometimes you think that it looks small or human size but the truth that it is huge.


I went to the studio some weeks after the beginning of The Forbidden Forest part so I could see how is it, and even if you know the tricks it is still scary (especially when you met Aragog.) The Forbidden Forest is small and takes only a few minutes to do; nevertheless, you feel so small when you enter into. Some bother me a little, as there was a new thing to see I thought there would be a lot of more people, but no.



The worst part was the shop, how can you not buy something there. You have many objects and merch, and you do not know where to look, what to buy. When you are a big fan, you want everything, next time I will take the Golden Snitch.The trick is that you have a boutique when you arrive at the Hogwarts Express, but if you want something there take it, you will not find it at the general shop, it happened to me I was so disappointed.



This article is finished, I do not want to show every photo I take neither describe everything, so I advise you to go there and discover by yourself. It is better, and you will feel the atmosphere, and that part is the most important.


Price: £39.00 Adult, £31.00 Child, £126.00 Family (either two adults with two children, or one adult with three children)

Station: Watford Junction

Website: https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk

/!\ Tickets must be booked on the website



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