Warlock in Training, T. J. Nichols (ed. DSP publication)


Warlock in Training, T. J. Nichols (ed. DSP publication)
Page number: 226
Book number: 4
Language: English
Price: £13,99
Release date: February 2017
Themes: Romance – M M Romance – Fantasy – Magic – Demons – Warlocks – War


Note: 4/5


Studies in Demonology: book one
Angus Donohue doesn’t want to be a warlock. He believes draining demons for magic is evil, but it’s a dangerous opinion to have – his father is a powerful and well-connected warlock, and Angus is expected to follow the family tradition.
His only way out is to fail the demon summoning class. Failure means expulsion from the Warlock College. Despite Angus’s best efforts to fumble the summoning, it works. Although not the way anyone expects.
Angus’s demon, Saka, is a powerful mage with his own need for a warlock.
Saka wants to use Angus in a ritual to rebalance the magic that is being stripped from Demonside by warlocks. If Angus survives his demon’s desires and the perils of Demonside, he’ll have to face the Warlock College and their demands.
Angus must choose: obey the College and forget about Demonside or trust Ska and try to fix the damage before it’s too late. Whatever he does, he is in the middle of a war he isn’t qualified to fight.


It is not the first time that I read a book about a gay relationship, but I think some of them worth to be known. This one is one of them, even if it is a short book.
The first point that is the most relevant is that the author dives us into the story from the first lines. The universe is explained and interesting. Indeed we can feel the link between this two world by the one in the relation of Angus and Saka. Moreover, we have an echo in our “dimension” by different facts in the book (e.g., powerful people who want to be more powerful, inequality between humans, global warming, individualism) With this book we understand that the problem that these two worlds have is bigger than we think at the beginning.
The characters are in constant evolution in front of the events, some are conscious that there is a problem and try to do something, but they take account of the other. The fun fact is that the warlocks are the bad guys and govern everything in their interests. The warlocks oppress the wizards, and they are considered as dangerous by the warlock same as the demons. Nevertheless, they are kind despite their customs, and they just want to survive.
The elements that can be sometimes disturbing is the crude language and the big detailed scene of sex.

Conclusion: I like this book because of the universe, the suspense about the why of the whole problem and the character. Even the disturbing element I would like to continue this series.




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