Audible by Amazon

Hey lit-reporters,

Today, I will talk about a way to discover books. I use the word “discover” because you do not read books but listen to them via an app or the website. It was created by Amazon, you need to subscribe to it. The first month is free and after it £7.99/month.

I knew that kind of thing exists but I never try before, I preferred to read a book, the interest was none for me. However, I needed to analyse a Shakespeare’s play, and for that, I wanted to read it before. The fact is that I did not really have time to buy it, so I decide to use Audible. And it was helpful to me as I was listening to the play and at the same time, I made some research about it. Moreover, I wanted to read a book but had some problems to enter into the universe, so I try to listen to it via Audible and at the same time read the book. 

Now there are some negative points, indeed if there is a lot of noise it can cover the speaker’s voice, also you can be easily distracted by things that surround you.

So I recommend this app/website to people who want to read, but they take as excuses “I do not have time to read”. To individuals who are struggling to read and people who learn English because if you have the book or a PDF version of it, you can follow the narrator and improve your pronunciation.

(If you want more information just click on the picture.)images



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