Trigger Mortis, A. Horowitz (ed. Orion)


Trigger Mortis, A. Horowitz (ed. Orion)

Page number: 320

Language: English

Price: £8,99

Release date: May 2016

Themes: Thriller – Investigation – Espionage – James Bond – SMERSH – Cold War

Note: 3/5


James Bond, British Secret Service agent.

Jeopardy Lane, a woman unlike any Bond has encountered before.

They must work together to stop an attack that will devastate New York and bring the West to its knees.


I bought this book for the author and not for the main character or the universe. I can say that if you have some problems with à universe do not buy it even if it is your favourite writer. 

The book has different parts, in fact, three parts starting a few month before the commencement of the part one. The chapters of the first part are quite short, and more you read more they are long. Some of them are only explanation chapters. 

The universe sticks to the one of Bond; you have woman, action, spying and suits. It is a universe that you need to be familiar with, but you also have the one of the space. This part is more complicated to understand, especially if you are not fond of that because it is not a topic common in books. History is also an important thing in this book, not only because it explains the Space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, but also what happened in South Korea.

The big problem is that we easily know who are the bad people, it is not like the other Anthony Horowitz’s books where you are surprised by the end because you do not have any clues (or you do not see them) when you read. Here we know everything very early after it can be because it is James Bond universe. Nevertheless, when it is not the first book of this author you continue to read, and at the same time, you search for the wrong guy and explanations. In the end, you are disappointed.

Conclusion: if you like James Bond and space you will like it, but as I do not like it it was too long and a little boring. 



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