The Cat Who Could Read Backward, L.J. Braun (ed. Headline)


The Cat Who Could Read Backward, L.J. Braun (ed. Headline)

Page number: 192

Language: English

Price: £8,99

Release date: January 1995

Themes: Cat – Investigation – Beaux-Arts – Journalism – Crime

Rating: 5/5


The world of modern art is a mystery to many. But for Jim Qwilleran it turn in a mystery of another sort when his assignment to cover the art beat for Daily Fluxion lead down the path to murder.

A stabbing in an art gallery, vandalized paintings, a fatal fall from a scaffolding – this is not all what Qwilleran expects when he turns his reportorial talents to art. But now Qwilleran and his newly found partner, Koko the brilliant Siamese, are in their element – sniffing out clues and confounding criminals intent on mayhem and murder.

Qwilleran – a prize-winning reporter with a nose for crime. Koko – a Siamese cat with extraordinary talents and a flair for mystery. The most unlikely, most unusual, and most delightful team in detective fiction!


When you do not know what to do on the weekend and the weather is too hot, one advice goes to a bookshop or library. First, the temperature is right, and second, you can find new books or series. That is how I found this little book, which does not look like it is up to much.

The thing that is good is that we do not really know the city where the protagonist lives and work, we only have descriptions and nothing more at the beginning. We need to wait for a certain chapter to have information about it, even with the latter you can decide where everything happen. The author gives us a total freedom about it, maybe it is not intentional, but we have this feeling. Art take is the main subject of this book, everything is about art, and you can discover many things about it, and it make the characters special because most of them are artists, even if it just taking pictures for a magazine. There are many descriptions in this book, but one main character is described as a piece of art: the cat, Kao K’o-Kung (Koko for the close one.)

 The number and the personality of the characters can be overwhelming. Indeed, sometimes you are lost, and you need to go back to one of the first chapters to remember who is it. Nevertheless, it is not a problem in the read, and maybe it is done on purpose to lost us so we cannot find the murderer. The end is shocking because you cannot imagine the killer. During the whole the book you make the hypothesis and the author increase the pressure at each chapter.

Conclusion: An excellent book and series that I had a great pleasure to read, and I happy because I nearly missed it. Moreover, yes, the cat is a big part of the duo and the book.


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