Finding Audrey, S. Kinsella (ed.Corgi Children)


Finding Audrey, S. Kinsella (ed.Corgi Children)

Page number: 280

Language: English

Price: £7,99 (€9,36)

Release date: May 2016

Themes: Young Adult – Friendship – Love – Anxiety – Family – Agoraphobia

Note: 3/5


Audrey can’t leave the house. She can’t even take off her glasses inside the house. Then her brother’s friend Linus stumbles into her life. With his smile and his funny notes, he starts to entice Audrey out again – well, Starbucks is a start. Laugh, dream and hope with Audrey as she learns that even when you feel like you lost yourself, love can still find you…


It is a long time that I want to buy this book, but by a lake of time and other things, I never read it. I finally bought it, and for me, it is not the book of the year.

Firstly, it is just a story about a family which have crossed a sad event. The book is dynamic because you have two different typographies and the alternation between them make a distinction between the part of the video and the fictional part. The video part is just what happen at the moment while Audrey is filming. Dialogues are like a script for a movie you have the moment, the place and who is speaking. This part is easy to read, and we discover more in these scene than in the fictional part. These scenes show the evolution of Audrey, and it is the appearance of this camera that the author make some space for Audrey.

Secondly, you have the first part of the book where Audrey talked exclusively about her mother. Since the first page, you have a description of her personality which is not in a right way. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to start with one of the characters because the author can do a description of the family with the different relationships that exist. The problem is she takes up much space, and you do not understand why; it is Audrey’s story and not her mum’s story. Sometimes in this part, we have some discussions between Audrey and her psychologist but that all. You need to wait about the middle of the book to have Linus, and the camera appeared.

Thirdly, the characters are a family that cross by an unfortunate event and try to get better. In the beginning, the only character who is colourful is the mum, but everyone evolving at his or her pace. Even the main character is dull and erased, and the same time she wants to be like that, so the author works well.

Conclusion: This book is not bad, not whoah, it is an easy book to read when you do not have time.



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