Parker Pyne Investigates, A. Christie (ed. Harper Collins Publishers Ltd)


Parker Pyne Investigates, A. Christie (ed. Harper Collins Publishers Ltd)

Page number: 320

Language: English

Price: £7,99 (€9,17)

Release date: June 2003

Themes: Investigations – Crime – Novel – Parker Pyne

Rating: 3/5


Mrs Packington felt alone, helpless and utterly forlorn. But her life changed when she stumbled upon an advertisement in The Times which read: ‘ARE YOU HAPPY? IF NOT, CONSULT MR PARKER PYNE’.

Equally adept at putting together the pieces of a marriage or the fragments of a murder mystery, Mr Parker Pyne was possibly the world’s most unconventional private eye – and certainly, it’s most charming.


I decided to buy this book because Agatha Christie is one of my favourites authors. So when I purchased this book, I had thought that the book would be good. Now that I have read it I am not sure.

Firstly, all in all, the book is a compilation of different little stories. There are 14 stories, but we can split the book in two: the first part is when Parker Pyne is at his office in London and deal with happiness affairs, the second is when he go in holidays, and the affairs are more criminal ones. The first part does not look like Agatha Christie novels but the second part looked like Hercule Poirot stories. When you are in the middle of the book, it has seemed like you cannot see the end and the stories are dull. Carrying on the reading is difficult.

Secondly, the universe it is quite the same as Hercule Poirot even if we can see a mix of social positions. When Parker Pyne begins to travel, we go with him and discover some cities or countries from persons of this century. Parker Pyne masters the statistic world so when he can he said that it is statistics. For him, everything can be resolved by it.

Finally, there are many characters because there are different stories, but only three of them are more or less in the stories: Parker Pyne, Madeleine de Sara and Claude Luttrell. Mr Pyne is a quite arrogant person. We can see that he do not care about his employees for him they need to do their jobs and if there is a problem he is upset. When something goes wrong with another character, and he did not predict it, he creates a little definition but not with slanderous words. The two partners, Miss de Sara and Mister Luttrell are the types of characters that are useless. You do not understand what there are doing besides that they are working for Mr Pyne. However, we know that Agatha Christie wants them to be more present and useful, but it is not working.

Conclusion: easy to read but can be boring sometimes, the second part of the book is more interesting than the first one. It is not the book of the year.



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